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The DVD Rental Machine uses state of the art technology.
Rent your movie in under 60 seconds.
Return your movie in less than 15 seconds.
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DVD Rental Machine

Absolutely Rentals is committed to providing our customers with a more convenient and innovative way to rent movies from the DVD Kiosk.

DVD Rental Machine, DVD Kiosks, or DVD Vending Machines allow you to run a video rental store without employees and without a store

DVD Rental Machine - Great, New Business Opportunity

The DVD Rental Machine is great for entrepreneurs looking for a way to tap into a billion dollar industry without investing a large capital outlay, spending money on expensive overhead, paying and managing employees or spending a lot of time running a store.  It only takes someone about an hour each week to manage inventory.  Most functions are managed via the internet.

DVD Vending Machines - Bringing the Video Store to You

The DVD Vending machine is great for grocery stores, convenience stores, apartment complexes, high rise condos, hospitals, colleges, universities, and office buildings.  Because this is such a cutting edge industry with an untapped market, there are currently many great locations that do not have DVD Rental Machines.

DVD Kiosks - Everyone Loves Movies!

The DVD Kiosk is great for entrepreneurs who are searching for a billion dollar market that everyone loves.  The DVD rental industry did 8, 000, 000, 000 dollars in sales last year, and the entertainment industry is growing at 115% annually!  In fact, almost 80% of the population rents movies on a regular basis.

"Lead the Parade"!

The DVD Vending Machine is great for entrepreneurs who are searching for an opportunity similar to the ATM explosion of the 1990s.  Every once in awhile, a new form of distribution is developed and those who take action first are the ones who benefit the most.

US Opportunity Knocks!

The DVD Vending Machine is great for entrepreneurs who want to lead the parade using the latest in technology to create a cutting edge industry.  DVD vending kiosks have taken storm in Europe.  A chart illustrating the status of the US market compared to the European market is available in our FREE info. pack.  

Residual Income

The DVD Kiosk Machine is great for entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to make residual income.  The DVD Vending Machines will allow an entrepreneur to attract repeat business and develop a loyal customer base.

Multiple Streams of Income

It is an outstanding revenue prospect, because there are multiple sources of income:  DVD Movie Rentals and Late Fees, DVD Sales, Increased Customer Traffic and Loyalty, and Advertising.  Also, the DVD Vending Machine is great for entrepreneurs who are interested in developing multiple streams of income.  Because the DVD Vending Machines are automated, they allow someone more time freedom than a traditional brick and mortar business. 


The DVD Vending Machine provides a unique opportunity to target customers with on-screen ads and static display signs creating a fantastic opportunity for a company-wide, in-store ad network and exciting cross promotions.

Perfect Fit for Current Business Owners

The DVD Kiosk provides an awesome opportunity for current business owners to increase revenue, increase customer traffic and loyalty, provide innovative, new service and convenience to customers.  A DVD Rental Machine can differentiate your place of business from competitors.  Why make your customers go one more place just to rent a movie?

Fast, Easy, Convenient

The DVD Vending Machine takes much less time than renting from a video store.  A customer may rent a DVD from a DVD Rental Unit in under 60 seconds and return a DVD in less than 15 seconds! http://www.absolutelyrentals.com/dvdrentalmachine.html

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